A Very Brief Analysis Of JEE Main 2019 January

Brief Analysis Of JEE Main 2019 January

This year NTA organized JEE Mains, and it broke all the trends and pattern of previous years. The reason is simple NTA had to conduct the papers in 8 different slots. And each paper has to be different from other paper. Papers can be different on their difficulty level or the number of questions from a chapter.
I have tried to analyze the pattern of Paper 1. In this, I have used the feedback of my students who appeared in different shifts and my fellow faculties. I have summarized the analysis below.

5 Mock Test Papers To Score 100 Percentile In JEE Mains 2019

JEE Main is the most sought after engineering entrance exam in the Nation and practicing a JEE Main Mock Test Series for exam will ensure a better rank.

JEE Main attracts millions of aspirants across the country. But this year many students are worried because from this year the entrance exam will be a Computer Based Test (CBT). 

Unfortunately some JEE aspirants still prefer taking the exam offline but if they think carefully giving the JEE Main online is also a great advantage in many ways.

How To Study For JEE Mains and Advanced When you are Sick

Today I am feeling under the weather this may be due to physical exhaustion. But no need to worry I have plenty of time to rest and unlike you I do not have any vital exam in coming days.  

If I go back 14 years, the situation was not the same because I was taking my IIT JEE Prelims and I had a terrible cough and runny nose. Despite my sickness, I qualified Prelims and went on to train the final stage also.

How To Study More in Lesser Time For JEE Mains and Advanced

I qualified IIT JEE Advanced in 2005. My All India Rank was 2115. I was not very happy about it but it was okay. Now when I look back I can clearly see my mistakes. Then I used to wonder why some students are getting better marks than me when it clearly seems that I am studying harder than them. After teaching almost 10 years I have figured out almost every student ask them self the same question.
 Have You consistently envied any particular a student in your class that generally seems to getting highest marks in HRT's or Major Tests without studying as you've got to servant a way for half of the marks that the friend really does?

7 Habbits To Prepare For JEE Mains and Advanced Like A SOLDIER

7 Habbits To Prepare For JEE Mains and Advanced Like Soldier

As all of you know after the start of preparation, a great deal of JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced aspirants perform themselves into frenzy before classes even begin. And in every coaching there are a lot of classes from afternoon till late evening, numerous questions in homework, weekly test, monthly test, Major tests and not to mention the pressure from school.